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SwellWomen Business Spotlight: Meet Gina Larkin our Transformational Coach
October 16, 2016

I was introduced to Gina Larkin a few years ago when she attended a SwellWomen retreat in Nicaragua. At the time, she was a two-time Maui alumni and was thrilled to participate in SwellWomen’s inaugural international surf retreat in Nicaragua. No surprise, we hit it off instantly at “hello!” and have been good friends since. I learned that Gina was in transition from a two-decade career as a marketing executive in San Francisco to a private leadership and personal coaching business. She talked of her passion for empowering women and evoking transformation in their lives. With an aligned philosophy and desire to bring coaching to SwellWomen, I knew I had to bring Gina to select retreats to coach women experiencing empowerment through surfing. Currently, Gina is coaching at the SwellWomen El Salvador Surf and Yoga Retreat (November 12-19, 2016) and SwellWomen Anguilla ‘New Year, New You’ Wellness Retreat (January 15-21, 2017). Let me introduce you to Gina!

Q: Tell us what inspired you to start a coaching business?
It was desire for change in my own life that led me to a coaching practice. I was living the dream in San Francisco as a marketing executive managing large teams and multi-million dollar budgets for global companies. While I loved my career and current job, I could no longer ignore the voice asking big, powerful questions… “I’ve had an amazing career, but is this it?” … “What is my purpose?” … “How do I connect deeper to my passions and interests?”… It was during a sabbatical in 2013 that I realized the most exciting and fulfilling part of my job was leading teams and working with people. I wanted to clear the path so they could be successful. I wanted them to live full and balanced lives. I wanted them to find meaning and satisfaction in their work. This realization took me down an evolved and gratifying path as a transformational coach.

Q: What do you want people to experience through coaching?
I want people to feel ALIVE! I want to help people bridge the gap from where they are now and where they truly want to be. Clients usually have an idea of what they want in their lives, they just don’t know how to get there. I help them realize their potential, hold them accountable to their goals and guide them to success. Together, we work to define core values and purpose. We work through goal setting and plan development. We incorporate visualization and manifestation to tap into dreams they never thought possible. Every plan is developed unique to a client’s particular goals and desires. I’ve witnessed transformational change in my clients. Once they realize the difference, they can’t help but move forward in deep and meaningful ways.

Q: You’re certainly a swell woman, what message would you give to inspire SwellWomen?

  • Tap into your inner best self. Always live by your purpose and values. This will guide you through personal and career decisions. Also, trust your gut. Tune into your body when you’re not sure. What does it feel like? What is it trying to tell you? It will never steer you wrong.
  • I’m a big fan of the principals of Ikigai. The Japanese believe that everyone has an Ikagi. It’s your reason to get up every morning. Ikagi is the intersection of these four parts: Do that which you love, that which you are good at, that which the world needs, and that which you can be paid for. I found my Ikagi, and I believe you can find yours!
  • Live a full and balanced life. Don’t be afraid to say ‘no’ to take care of yourself. Make room to say ‘yes’ to new experiences and challenges. You will never regret learning, growing and connecting.

Q: Where do you find your bliss?
Through surfing! I also love skiing, mountain biking and yoga. I’m a big fan of live music in small venues, farm-to-table cooking and a really good margarita. I’m always up for spontaneous travel and new adventures.
For more about Gina and her Coaching business, check her out at:
Instagram: ginalarkin
Twitter: @ginalarkin

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