What is Transformational Coaching?

We all have innate power and great potential, but not everyone possesses the tools and leadership skills to unlock what’s already there. Transformational coaching is designed to tap into that space—both personally and professionally—to dig deep into your unique talents and explore how to best utilize them. Unlocking your inner genius comes with creative power, mental fortitude and a commitment to fearless living—together we’ll discover your most empowered self.




Discover Gina’s integrated coaching model, designed to help executives break through to their next level of greatness. Identify and uninstall limited systems and beliefs and reinstall new and empowering systems that allow you step into your fullest potential. Together we’ll unlock your greatest professional possibility and identify short and long-term goals to achieve your vision of a career and life that’s bold and fully realized.



Tap into your head, heart and gut to discover or redefine your life’s purpose. Consciously choose a path that leads to meaning and dimension. Use your innate gifts to achieve your wildest professional goals and personal dreams.  By truly checking in with yourself and envisioning your goals without barriers, restrictions or limitations, Gina provides the spark that helps you to make big, bold transitions in your career.


Explore your leadership capabilities and understand what drives you toward greatness. We take a conscious leadership approach that considers your whole self—your cognitive abilities, your heart and your gut instinct. Ultimately, this self-awareness enhances your confidence and effectiveness as a leader so that you are showing up for yourself and for others, building a culture that inspires your team to succeed, and actively shaping a career that you love.


About Gina

Inspire. Empower. Transform.

Meet Gina

Gina Larkin is an entrepreneur and certified coach with the ability to create transformational change in the lives of her clients.  As a former marketing executive with two decades of experience across global Fortune 500 companies, startups and marketing agencies, Gina is a seasoned leader known for relationship building, collaboration and communication. Her immersion in conscious leadership, positive psychology, neuroscience theory and personal development result in a practice designed to guide clients to discover their inner genius to break through to their next level of greatness.

Having worked with a range of C-suite leaders and executives and their cross-functional partners, Gina privately coaches executives, emerging leaders and personal clients around the globe. She has a Bachelor of Science in Mass Communications, professional coaching training from the International Coach Federation (ICF) accredited Coaches Training Institute and NeuroLeadership Institute, and her yoga teacher certification (RYT200) from the Nosara Yoga Institute.

Gina’s coaching practice includes private 1:1 executive and personal coaching programs, 1-day intensives, group workshops, and custom retreats. Her clients have worked for companies including Airbnb, Amazon, Diageo, Instagram, Redbull, PayPal, Social Financial and Visa.


My Story

For a couple of decades I was living the dream in San Francisco. I worked as a marketing executive managing large teams and multi-million dollar budgets for global companies, most recently in the financial services technology industry. I was fulfilled for years, until one day I wasn’t. I became curious about the impact of my career. What legacy would I leave behind?

It was during a sabbatical in early 2013 that I had an epiphany. I realized that the most exciting and fulfilling part of my career was empowering people on my teams to thrive. I was passionate about their success and living balanced and fulfilled lives. This realization, and the process of unlocking my own inner genius, took me down an evolved and gratifying path as a Transformational Leadership Coach.

As a coach, I work with professionally-minded go-getters and soulful adventure seekers who desire a career and life that’s filled with meaning. They are executives, leaders, and curious humans looking for change in their lives. It is my life’s purpose to help them find it.

I am forever inspired by nature, fresh air, and the movement of water. Because of this, I balance time between Lake Tahoe and San Francisco, California. I practice yoga on the mat, surf the waves wherever I can find a good break, and ski winters in Tahoe. It is my greatest passion to help others transform their lives, just as I transformed mine.


Retreats & Events

Group Workshops & Individual Coaching


Guest Coach – SwellWomen El Salvador
Surf, Yoga + Transformational Empowerment Coaching
March 15-21, 2020
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Guest Coach – SwellWomen Costa Rica
Surf, Yoga + Transformational Empowerment Coaching
May 10-16, 2020
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Guest Coach – SwellWomen El Salvador
Surf, Yoga + Transformational Empowerment Coaching
November 7-14, 2020
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In addition to work as a transformational coach, Gina is a speaker and panelist, and hosts group workshops and personal sessions at leadership events and boutique retreats around the globe. Every retreat is carefully curated and hosted at beautiful destinations that are meaningful to Gina, with professional and personal growth as the primary focus. In an unforgettable setting outside of your daily routine, you will tap into your inner genius—your strongest and most confident self—and identify and manage the inner critic, and set out to live your greatest possibility.


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